Climb Kilimanjaro

REACH FOR THE PEAKS is the newest addition to The Prouty Challenge Event series—athletic events, inspired by New Hampshire’s 33-year-old fundraiser, The Prouty, which brings people together to DO something, to take action in the fight against cancer for our NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

A trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro was inspired by Mark “Wes” Chapman D ’77, TU ’81, who wanted to kick off a Prouty hike/climb/mountaineering program with a bang. The inaugural 10-day trip departed on December 12, 2012 for Moshi, Tanzania, where our five climbers spent eight days ascending Kilimanjaro via the Machame route. The trip was WONDERFUL, not only as a fundraiser—raising over $35,000—but as an experience. Wes wrote, “Mountains are a very special place – particularly very high mountains. The beauty, the isolation and the simple elevation combine into a unique spiritual experience.”

Wes hosted last year’s Kilimanjaro climb and will do so again this year. He not only is an experienced mountaineer—climbing “Kili” twice—but has climbed numerous noteworthy peaks in North and South America. “Over the last several years I’ve drifted more into the hills and mountains of the Northeast, and then increasingly around the world. I absolutely love doing it, but I want to make it more than just climbing mountains.”

If you, too, are a climber who wants to experience making it more than climbing mountains, please join Wes on this year’s trip to the top of Africa, scheduled for December 26, 2015 – January 06, 2016. It promises to again be the trip of a lifetime.

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